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Unknown applications installed on Macbook Air

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My wife's Macbook Air is continuously telling her that the device is running out of memory and then it freezes until you either shut down an application or press the resume key.
Normally it is only one application that is up and running at the time. I shut down the other application or resume or I reboot the computer but after couple minutes it freezes again.

She normally uses the computer for Ebay, Skype, viewing photos, look for children activities, listening to polish radio.

She is not a computer person and would not know what to do with the computer other than those things. Her brother and sister has given her tips on things to download that is associated with Polish things, radio etc. Not really sure what it is.

In the Application folder I can see three folders that I do not recognise. Apparently it has something to do with malware, When Googling it.


In the folders there is only an uninstall application and a text read me file. I searched for the applications on her computer but I can not find them. Is it safe to try to uninstall the apps or should I just move them to the trash?

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Yes, you should try to uninstall the applications because they're listed as malware. Luckily, there is a procedure available that you can use to uninstall those applications. Close everything, then use the answer on the following question and you should get rid of those applications.

It's absolutely necessary to close all the running browsers and applications. Use the force close option in Mac: Command-Option-Esc

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