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The audio stops after 85 secs

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asked by about Orban/Coding Technologies AAC/aacPlus Player Plugin
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I am trying to use the Orban AAC/aacPlus Plugin with Windows Media Player under Windows XP, to listen to PeruFolkRadio (rtpx://

The stream stops after 85 secs. If I turn 'repeat' on, it restarts after a break, or I can start it again manually.

I am using version 1.1.52 although the version number is displayed as 1.1.51.

Videolan and Flash Player work fine.

Any ideas? Is there something wrong with the stream?

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There could be a problem with the stream or with the plug-in. It isn't specified anywhere and I haven't see anyone encountering the same issue. However, try playing he stream with the VideoLan, because this could also be a problem with the plug-in as well, not being compatible with the Windows Media Player.

I have researched further and it appears that this plugin was released in 2006. There haven't been any updates since then. This could also be the cause to your errors. I have checked the official website as well, but I couldn't find anything updated to be compatible with latest technology.

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Thanks Stephen.  Videolan plays this stream OK.  I understood that the Orban AAC/aac+ plug-in was DESIGNED for WMP so it would surprise me if it was incompatible. Does anyone know of any other players that WILL do AAC without the high CPU overhead of Flash/Videolan?


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