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I am waiting for an AOTS "fix" from AT&T. Cannot watch TV. Am I alone?

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Have had ATT technicians at my home for more than 8 hours. My TB problem is a basic lack of compatibility with software at the ATT hub. They refer to it as an AOTS problem. Is anyone aware of it? My TV service is rendered inoperable. Goes off-line every 3-10 minutes. Recordings are impossible. About to write strong letter to ATT senior management and looking for any heads up I can.

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The AOTS Remedy doesn't appear to be active or something similar. I have searched for its website, but there isn't one. Additionally, it's possible for the fix to never be released. However, if you have the software for the ATT Hub, try running it in the compatibility mode. Right click it and choose Properties > Compatibility. Select a previous version of WIndows from the list and then launch the application.

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