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Album that I was creating suddenly rearranged all my pictures

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I was creating an album with over 100 pictures; creating a story. Suddenly all the pictures were rearranged in a random order. Can I get the original order back? I don't want to start over and have it happen again, not to mention the time that I have put in.

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After you create the album and the software automatically organizes the files, simply press CTRL + Z. It might not be a step caused by the user's intervention, but it will work.

However, I have found that this is a known issue. No matter the approach, Picasa will auto-arrange items as it pleases. There is a solution.

Use your files and then rename them using a template.

For example, open a directory on left and another one on right in Windows. Drag one image from left to right and assign something like: Picture_1, Picture_2, etc. If you have the photos in order, Picasa will not sort them automatically.

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