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How to solve Magic Carpet game?

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Can anyone tell me how to solve the Magic Carpet game?

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The Magic Carpet game has the following specs;

Game time: Long
Difficulty level: Medium
Skill level: Mostly skill
Chance of winning: Medium; about 1 in 5; 20%

Main Objective is to move all the cards to the foundations. In the beginning of the game, an Ace and King are displayed as the foundations.

Rules to play:

  • Ace foundations: Build up in suit from Ace to King. For example, a 2♥ suite can only be played on an Ace♥ Suit.
  • King foundations: Build down in suit from King to Ace. For example, a Queen♣ Suit can only be played on a King♣ Suit.

There is also the Tableau which is actually the Magic Carpet. This also has some rules like:

  • Cards with at least one short side free (i.e., not blocked by another card) are available for play to the foundations.
  • You can play the cards to the waste pile, up or down in suite.
  • You can't build on Tableau
  • Can't fill spaces left.

Stock section:

  • Click a card to turn it up to send it from stock to the waste.
  • Two redeals are permitted (three deals in all).

Waste section:

  • You can add card to foundations but only with the top one.

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