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CDLabelPrint can't find a compatible printer.

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I ran CDLabelPrint fine on 32bit Windows 7. I've just installed (same hard drive etc) 64 bit Windows 8.1, but after installing the CDLabelPrint and trying to run it I get a message that it can't find a printer capable of printing CDs. It is the same printer as before (though now with 64bit drivers) and has been tested and run on several other print jobs over the last 24 hours, so it is working and it's compatible. I tried running CDLabel Print as Administrator, and also setting it to run in Windows 7 Compatibility mode, but the same pop-up and it won't even open the program to New/Load/Exit. I need your help, please, as I have quite a few saved .CLD files that I want to keep using.

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The problem is with the software and Windows 8.1. Even if you managed to install the 64bit drivers for your printer on Windows 8.1, the software won't be recognized since it's configured and developed to support only Windows 7, therefore you need an update for the application that teaches it how to recognize the printers on Windows 8.1. Unfortunately, I haven't found a version of CDLabelPrint that works on Windows 8.1 because there isn't one available. If you have the software installed, go to Help > About and note the contact options then contact the developers of the software to obtain an official answers to this issue.

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