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Does it work to revive Photoshop 5 for use with Windows 8.1?

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Did this product work to convert (Revive) Photoshop 5.0 for use on a Windows 8.1? I'm getting messages saying my old (5.0) version can't run on my new laptop and simply can't afford to fork out the kind of money it takes to upgrade so am hoping there's a fix with Longbow Reviver?

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Yes, the software works with Photoshop 5.0 because it is being used for a wide range of products (eg. Adobe included). I have searched their official website and found a list of specs where this information is provided.

Here is what it says:

  • Adobe Photoshop versions including CS2, CS3, CS4, 5, 7, etc

Access the website to know more about it:

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