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I have Microsoft Vista Home Basic, and I've installed my LifeCam 3.0, but I don't have audio. How do I fix it?

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I used to have audio with XP. My computer was 'restored' and Vista Home Basic was installed. Now audio is gone with LifeCam. I re-installed the LifeCam myself & still no audio. How do I fix it?

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Windows Vista is known to have problems related to almost every device available on the market because of its incomplete optimization of the base structure. Of course there are software/drivers optimized to work very well but most fail to this part and such it is highly recommended to search for an additional update to the software on Microsoft website because it seems you are installing a version of the software which was made for another operating system (7 or XP) and that’s why you do not have any audio at all. Also please make sure you install the application under the “Run as Administrator” option for the setup package.

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