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How to convert my messages from HTC to my iPhone?

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Some messages I want to save and keep forever. But recently, my HTC is broken and I bought a new iPhone. I download Syncios data transfer from here, and it works really good.

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The best and recommended way is to use the Move to iOS app developed by Apple. Install the application on your Android phone and then start it. Have the iPhone next to you and follow the indications from the Move to iOS app.

Download page:

Basically, you have to pair the devices. On iPhone, access iPhone Setup and choose Move data from Android. Enter the code on Move to iOS app and the process will start with your settings.

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Hey, to transfer text messages from HTC to iPhone, you can also try Jihosoft Phone Transfer. I just switched from HTC One M7 to a new iPhone 6S and this tool worked well to transfer all my data from the old HTC phone to the new iPhone. Besides messages, it also can transfer contacts and medial files like photos, videos, music, etc. from HTC to iPhone directly.
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You need a data transfer tool for this, cuz you cannot transfer data directly between different operation system.
how to transfer contacts from android to iphone, you can have a look at this guide, follow the same way to transfer messages.

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