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Problem connecting to network.

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asked by about ELECOM WRH-150x Universal Linker
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Well, in my case, there are 2 problems I wanna ask about:

  1. There are times when I try to connect to the WiFi, but it said that I can't connect to the WiFi although I have tried resetting the router like for several times. And it's not just on my computer but my iPhone can't connect to the WiFi as well so my laptop and phone are fine. How can I fix this?

  2. The second problem is when I connect the network cable to the router to share my network, I can connect to the WiFi, but the thing is there's no Internet connection. Both my phone and laptop don't have Internet connection. You may think the problem was caused by the network cable? Not at all, doubting that might happen, I tried to plug the cable directly to my laptop and guess what, it connected perfectly. So basically, there's something wrong with the router. Do you have any ideas of how to fix it?

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From both topics, I understand there is a problem with the router. The next step is to identify what kind of connection to the Internet you have. To do this, look for the contract provided by your ISP. Once you get the connection mode (Static IP, DHCP, PPPoE) , you can start the reset procedure. On the back of the router there should be a tiny hole. Use a sharp pin and while the router is working press it and hold it firmly for 20-40 seconds. Release and disconnect all the cables. Make a direct connect from PC to one of router's ports and then access the admin area or insert the CD. RE-Configure the router, and make sure you assign a password for wireless (make it WPA 2 Personal with Auto Encryption and channel 11). It should work now.

Note: If the phone can't connect, switch the encryption protocol to AES.

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