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Galaxy Nexus data lost

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My Samsung Galaxy Nexus refuses to start up when I turn on the power button. How can I reinstall the whole program and data?

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If you wany recover whole system, you can use cwm to restore backup, If you don't have any backup ,I think there is no way to recover all data. If you want to recover contacts text messages, you can try to use Google account, you may sync them to server before. Unfortunatly, you don't have backup, you can try to use the 3rd-party Android data recovery program, I ever lost all the data because rom flashing with no backup, then I search on Internet to find some recovery tool, you can check here:, I hope it can help you!

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I think you need to check why the phone can't boot as normal, you can try to connect your phone to computer, if the computer can't regard the phone as the drive, it means your phone become a soft-brick. That's possible to make it work again, at this moment, you need to flash your phone by flash tool. You can search for solution in XDA forum, there are more details of tutorial. After flashing system, you can use Android data recovery tool to recover lost data from your phone, such as contacts, text messages are possbile to get back.

Anyway, if your phone can't read by computer, I am afraid that you have to ask professional reparir service!

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You have to use flashtool to flash new rom for your phone, and those app and data will lose, but some data such as contacts, text messages, call history is possuble to be recovered. If you want to recover lost data from Galaxy Nexus, you had better not save new data after the phone can used as normal. You can learn how to flash rom in XDA forum, and about how to recover Android lost data, you can know more here:

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Getting your phone as it were released by the developer is the last solution because a fresh installation (called Hard Reset) is recommended in cases where the system gives errors or is not starting (your case). You will need to go into Recovery mode and perform a factory reset of the phone. It will wipe all your settings, applications and any 3rd party customizations that you have made. To go to Recovery Mode press both Volume Up+Down + Power Button and wait for the phone to boot. While in Recovery mode, navigate using Volume buttons and select Wipe Data/Factory Reset and your phone will be like brand new.

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Immediately stop taking new files into your Android device, because the more you write data, the less likely you'll be able to retrieve the lost files.

Actually, your files are stored on the memory card of your Android phone. And there are some memory card recovery software available to undelete data from memory card. You may try Android Data Recovery! I used it and it worked!

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