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The scanner function of my printer (Samsung SCX-4300) is disabled. What to do?

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Yesterday I got an alert to install an update for my Samsung SCX-4300 printer on my MacBook. After updating, the scanner function of the printer became disabled and I can’t make it work. It was working just fine before the update! Was it malicious software? I haven’t set the time capsule and I cannot go back to a previous phase of my lap top. And I don’t know how to uninstall it on MacBook. Please, let me know!

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It seems that something blocked the scanning function and searching the web I couldn't find a proper solution as many users encountered this error. A fresh installation of the drivers and software should to the trick and work with the blocked scanner. To perform the uninstallation, first go to your Applications folder and drag the software your scanner/printer is using to the Recycle Bin. You should do the same for everything that it's related to Samsung applications you find in the Applications folder. After this process, please reboot your MAC and then insert the support CD/DVD with the drivers and software and perform a fresh installation. Do not modify any parameters when you install it again and make sure you don't update the software it was previously working and everything should be fine.

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