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Accidentally exported data as ANG file.

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I use FeliX32 Analysis for experiments involving fluorescence emission measurements as an undergraduate student. The default extension for exporting the data is ANG. Of course, I forgot to double check that I was exporting my data as a text file (which I can actually analyze with IgorPro or Excel) and ended up saving it as ANG. Now I cannot open it. I have no idea what software can actually open the files. If anybody is knowledgeable about this software and how can I open my ANG files and then export them as text files, I would greatly appreciate it.

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The FeliX32 Analysis software appears to use ANG format as proprietary which means this is the only application to open it. However, based on a Google Search query, the ANG format belongs to AIMSUN NG, but they don't have any application available to download to open it. I believe you will have to get in touch with them to provide the necessary software.

Additionally, open the original file in FeliX32 and then re-export it to the proper format.

Contact info:

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Thank you!

I will try contacting them. I believe I tried opening with FeliX32, but it didn't work. I will check again and see if works

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