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I want to change the language to English on my EPSON XP 400.

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Hello, any help will be appreciated. Must get back to using English, how do I change it back again on my EPSON XP 400?

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Since you didn’t mentioned where you want to change the language I will provide the only solutions to the problem. You can change the language of the printer (LCD Panel) and the language of the printer’s support software. In order to do that you must follow the following steps:

**Language of the LCD Panel > ** Press the Home button (looks like a house) and use the arrows (left/right) until you find setup and press the OK button, then press up and down arrow buttons and select Printer Setup and press OK then on the following screen choose English using the same buttons (up/down) and press OK.

**Language of the software > ** Right click the icon on the taskbar and select Printer Settings then navigate to the last tab (on the right), Maintenance and on the bottom of the window you will notice Language and choose English from that list. Click OK and you are done.

asked Feb 10, 2015 by Dorian
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Change language on Epson XP-410.
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What a terrible explanation. What if the machine is in a language you cannot read????? Epson very frustrating product - buy something else.

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