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Problems with Reminder 4.76.

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I have been using Reminder 4.76 since Windows 95 and it worked fine until the Vista version (I had to type in each reminder because the backup function did not work with Vista). I used it successfully with Windows 7 and now with Windows 10 I still had to type in each reminder. With Windows 10 I no longer get the reminders. Since there is no Start Menu in Windows 10, I am at loss with my loyal friend, "Reminder". Reminder 4.76 is a terrific program and I cannot work without it.

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Reminder 4.76 doesn't appear to be available any more. This is actually a discontinued application that doesn't benefit from support anymore. It's impossible to say what are the causes to the errors you experience. However, since no one recommended compatibility, locate the application then right click it and choose Properties > Compatibility. From the drop down menu, select the oldest operating system and then try launching the software. There is no other troubleshooting available.

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