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How to transfer music from old iPhone 5 to iPhone 6s?

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Just got an iPhone 6s, I want to transfer music from old iPhone 5 to iPhone 6S.

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I think iTunes it is very good to use. But I also use another app to do this, Syncios Phone to Phone Transfer. You can transfer the music between the two phones directly.
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Although the application suggested in another post is ok, you can also use the Backup and Restore function available on iTunes.

Connect the phone to PC and start iTunes, then go to File > Devices > Backup. After this procedure, connect the other phone and use File > Devices > Restore from backup.

More information about Backup and Restore can be found using the following link:

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hello, you can use TunesGo, a professional but easy-to-use software from RecoveryAndroid. Run it on computer and scan connect your two iPhones to computer, then it will detect their data and show you a preview. You can easily choose the music and transfer music from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6s.
Hope this will help you.

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You can use iTuens, you can backup the old phone with iTunes, and then connect the new phone to sync data.
But if you need to transfer some specific files, you can use a phone to phone transfer tool, which allows you to transfer file between phones directly. Just connect two phones to pc together.

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To transfer music from old iPhone 5 to iPhone 6S, besides iTunes, you can also ask help from mobile phone transfer program. After connecting both of them to computer, open the program. Then you can preview and choose music files you want to transfer.

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