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How to install and configure iCloud Control Panel for PC?

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How to install and configure iCloud Control Panel for PC?

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In order to use the iCloud Control Panel on your PC you first need to have an Apple ID and you have to download and install iCloud on your PC. You have the download link below:
From your PC, browse to and click on Windows PC. Download the iCloud Control Panel for Windows. This works on Windows Vista (SP2) or later but not on XP. The iCloud Control Panel on the PC provides similar functions to the website for sharing photos, emails, and other information. The Pictures library on your PC now should contain two additional folders. Any photos you take on your iPhone or iPad are automatically sent to the Photo Stream folder.You can also send photos to your iOS devices by placing them in the Upload folder.
The sharing of documents feature it's a little complicated as you can't transfer them directly to your PC and you must go to and click on iWork.
When it comes to email, contacts and calendar you should know that this features will work only integrated with Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later. More importantly, it will only works with Apple's email addresses – which means you have to create an entirely new email address.

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