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HD Writer AE 2.1 for Windows 10.

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Is there an update from HD Writer AE 2.1 for Windows 10 in use with Panasonic Cam HDC-SD 707? If there is, please inform me.

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Yes, there is an update for the application and it can be found on the developer's website. Access the URL below and download the HD Writer 2.6 version. Since this is an update, you will have to make sure that the previous version of HD Writer is installed on your system. The update should be applied automatically when launched.

No full version of the software is provided for download. To get support for your country, use the following URL:

Download page:

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The problem for me is that Windows 10 will not allow me to install v 2.1 which came with my HDC HS700P.

What now?

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I had AE2.1 installed under XP and then went thru a series of upgrades 8->10 but AE 2.1 wouldn't start, however it was installed... I tried the above 2.6 upgrade and it wouldn't run even with the original CD in the drive.
So, I'm in the same boat... then I discovered I could install it on a laptop with Win 7 on it- the install indicated it was not compatible but gave me the option to install anyway.
After it was installed I could run AE2.1 and download videos to the HDD and then use the network to get them over to my W10 box... I hope now I can use something else to edit them.

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