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I moved Lifeframe photos to my pictures but they aren't there.

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To Whom who is willing to help me,

I just recently got my ASUS laptop to work again after a year without having a charger (I know I'm an idiot for not getting it sooner). I opened up my Lifeframe and looked at all the old pictures that I had. Usually, I move my picture from Lifeframe over to my regular pictures and it works. Well I moved several pics from Lifeframe to my pictures but once I checked my pictures I noticed they weren't there. In fact I checked every where I could think of, I even typed in the image name but still nothing. Please help me!

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It's possible that your photos are in the same place as they were because of failed moving attempt. Check there and then check the Recycle Bin. If the files are in the places I mentioned, then you will have to install and use a recovery application to get them back. Luckily, there is one called Recuva. Download and install the application, launch it and select the Wizard interface, choose the searching partition, file type and enable Deep Scan to improve accuracy. Wait to finish and then browse through the files until you find the ones you need. Right click the files (when found) and select restore to another partition.

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