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Windows 10 compatibility for Ulead iPhoto Plus 4.

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Will Ulead iPhoto Plus 4 work on Windows 10?

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No, the application is not compatible with Windows 10. I have checked official forums from Microsoft where other users had this problem, and there is no solution to install it. The application has problems installing on Windows 7 in 32bit mode as well which means it's impossible to run it on Windows 10.

However, if you have the setup package on your computer, right click it and choose Properties > Compatibility. From the drop down menu, select Windows XP Service Pack 3. Accept the changes and tick the Run as Administrator option then launch the installation.

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Tried this on both 16 & 32 bit - still wont work.

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Liked it on XP too. Just tried it on Windows 10.
1. Dragged the whole IPHOTO folder from the installation disk into the Program files (x86) directory.
2. Created a shortcut and dragged it to the desktop.
3. Clicked the shortcut on the desktop and it runs.
4. Opened a photo and adjusted and saved it.

Note, have not tried any other functions yet.

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I've used the following installation method on every version of windows since 1999 and it has never failed to work.

  1. Copy the folder IPPLUS4 directly from your cd/dvd into your Program Files (x86) folder
  2. When done click and open the IPPLUS4 folder and find and open the IPP4.ENG folder
  3. In this folder click and open the PROGRAMS folder
  4. In the PROGRAMS folder find IPE.EXE and create a short-cut by right clicking it. Then drag or copy it to your Desktop
  5. Back out of all open folders and then click on the Desktop short-cut and if you have followed this correctly you will now see iPlus 4 open up.
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OMG!!!  I am so very happy!  I love this program Ulead Photo Plus 4 and I haven't been able to use it in years.  It does things that no other software can do (as far as I know anyway!!)  I just performed a clean install of Win10 and as I was reinstalling my fav software, I thought what the heck, let's try again.  Didn't work of course, so I did a quick search, fortunately found this page and VOILA!!  Happy, Happy, Happy!!
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worked for me, too - as simple as that. Thanks! :-)
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It worked on all my various computers, including my Win 10 machine. But last week, when a specialist had to replace the system after a virus-removal episode, with a newer version it won't anymore. All attempts, including the above mentioned "tricks", were in vain. So sorry - I used this fine little program extensively since its invention.

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USING ULEAD IPHOTO4 on Windows 7 64

After using IPHOTO for years (it came with an old scanner
I was annoyed when I wouldn't re-install it on a fresh
Win7 installation. Luckily I have the Programme archived
from the original scanners disc (I don't know if it is
still available anywhere else) and fiddling around managed to
re-install it and get it working again -- here's how

Copy the programme folder with all its contents onto your computer

1. Open folder "IPHOTO"
2. Open folder "6L"
3. Open older "IPP4.ENG - (or your language version)
4. Open folder "PROGRAMS"
5. RIGHT click "IPE.EXE"
6. Select from menu "Send to"
7. LEFT click from menu "Desktop (create shortcut)"

Put the shortcut wherever convenient

That should be it ! just open the programme and set it up
as you like it. (Don't forget to associate files to it !!)

I'm running Win7 Professional 64bit - SP1

Best Terry

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I am using iphoto Plus 4 On Windows 10 in May 2018. It works perfectly. However the original version which came free CD on front of a magazine in the days of Windows 95, finally refused to work on Windows 7.

I found a new version on the Internet and downloaded that. It is the exact same programme but now works on Win 10 Home Version but I have not tried it on the latest 1803 version of 10 , which MS technicians told me requires a new PC !

i Photo Plus 4 is the best photo programme I have found to this day. An absolute gem written by a genius. It has a good range of facilities without being cluttered with "professional" or gimicky whistles and bells.

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