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Windows 10 problem with the application.

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Memeo Instant Backup doesn't work with Windows 10. Memeo came with my Seagate Free Agent Desktop backup drive. Is there an update available or will it be?

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Currently, the software works with the following operating systems: 8, 7, Vista, XP. There is no Windows 10 mentioned on the website, but the developers will probably update the application to work on Windows 10 as well. The only way to obtain this information is through direct contact.

Use the following email address to contact them:

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I have been using Memeo Instant Backup, which came bundled with my Seagate external HDD, for a few years on my HP laptop running Windows 7 and have been well satisfied with it although, fortunately, only had to use the full restore once. Without thinking of any ramifications I upgraded to Windows 10 and was very happy to see the backup was still working OK, although I did set up a new backup on the HDD just in case. The only problem was that, after the upgrade, I was left with the 30 day trial version and had to ask Memeo to provide me with a new registration key as I had paid for the software. Memeo were most helpful and answered any of my questions rapidly and succinctly. I still get an error message on startup that Memeo Autosync is not compatible with Windows 10 but, as I don't know what it is and have never used it, I am not too bothered. Memeo have given me the opportunity to try it out but it is not now part of the bundled software which came with my HDD.

I now intend to buy another copy of Memeo Instant Backup for my new Windows 10 based machine as I don't find the File History of Widows 10 much help.

I am sure that Memeo will be more than happy to assist you as they did me.

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I've been working w/ them for months around this issue. The external HDD I purchased about a year ago, did NOT work w/ Windows 10. I tried several options, including them sending me a registration key. Bottom appears one must pay the additional money to ensure the compatibility. The only time the backup worked, was the 30-day period I upgraded to the Premium edition. Memeo kept telling me it would work w/ the basic program, but it doesn't!

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