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Mailwasher Pro > BLScanlite to find all incoming To email addresses

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I get 11,000+ spam emails a year, so I want to change my most-used incoming "To" email addresses. How do I use BLScanlite > Manage Trash > Search tab to list all "To" email addresses that come to my domain? I've tried * but it doesn't work. (The Find feature only shows me the record numbers, which is no help.)

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It's impossible to display all the SPAM emails using a certain filter since not all the emails come the same provider. You can either take it gradually to manually input search strings to determine what are most emails send from or you can use . to display all the email to delete it.

However, instead of Search I would also use Find because there is the possibility of using advanced filters, but going through 11.000 emails will take a very large amount of time.

I also recommend checking the tutorial from the official website:

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