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Selecting which data gets saved to GPX file.

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Is there a way to select which data gets saved to the .gpx file? I've noticed some extraneous data fields in the .gpx file and would like to know if there is a way of turning off these data points when the .gpx file is being created? These quantities include acceleration, course, and power. If these could be turned off when not needed, it could potentially make the .gpx file much smaller. Additionally there are data points that are missing from the .gpx file. My bike computer records temperature at every data point, but that temperature data is missing from the .gpx file. It can clearly be seen in the Training Gym Pro software GUI but does not get saved when the gpx file is generated. Am I missing something in the setup of the Training Gym Pro software or is this feature not supported?

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There is an instructions manual which provides all the necessary data regarding the way you can customize the GPX file and the way you save all the data to the GPX file.

Download link:

Inside the document, go to Page 23 to see how to configure the data saved to the GPX.

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