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Why is my game posted on Software Informer even if I didn't put it there myself?

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I am the creator of the game The Idiot Test 2012 Edition and I didn't upload it to any software websites but only to Mediafire and YouTube →

I was shocked when I typed "alnel extreme" in Google, because it resulted in this link:

Still, I am happy and glad about this.

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The SI database is populated with entries by users, rather than developers: they install the siClient application, run it, and the application reports to Software Informer which programs they've got installed on their computers. So it just happened that some the of Software Informer users were also among the lucky few who played your game.

It's important to note, however, that the fact that a program is listed in the SI database doesn't in itself mean that it's uploaded anywhere. A new entry is nothing more than a title and some basic info (developer, version, name of the executable file). Links, screenshots, descriptions, and what have you - that's all added later, if possible.

Now, I did download your game and then I ran an online virus check on it. This is what I got: VirusTotal report

Would you happen to know why 36 out of 43 antiviruses consider your game to be virus-infected? Can you fix that?

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Thank you for the response. Still I'm asking for a solution for this. How can I fix it?

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