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How to use The KMPlayer without a mouse?

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I haven't bought a mouse to my laptop yet. Is there a possibility to use the media player without it? Maybe, there are some hotkeys I haven't heard about.

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Yes, the media player supports two controlling methods, through Keys/Global Control and Keyboad/Mouse.

The easiest way is with the help of Keys/Global Control. Since you don't have a mouse, you can access it by pressing F2 on your keyboard. Once the Preferences menu will open, use Tab and Shift + Tab to navigate through window's properties. From this section you can assign keyboard shortcuts to play, open, skip, close, etc.

Here are some keys you can use with the playback of files:

  • 5 Seconds: Right arrow/Left Arrow
  • 30 Seconds: Ctrl + [Right Arrow, Left Arrow]
  • 1 Minute: Alt + [Right Arrow, Left Arrow]
  • 10 Minutes: Ctrl + Alt + [Right Arrow, Left Arrow]
  • Volume UP: Up arrow
  • Volume Down: Down arrow
  • Change video frame size: CTRL + Enter / CTRL + Alt + Enter for Stretch, Overscan.
  • Other screen control: ALT + [1, 2, 3, 4]
  • Contrast, Saturation, Brightness (keys order - decrease, reset, increase):

    • H/W Contrast: Z, X, C
    • S/W Contrast: V, B, N
    • H/W Saturation: A, S, D
    • S/W Saturation: G, H, J
    • H/W Brightness: Q, W, E
    • S/W Brightness: T, Y, U
  • Subtitles:

    • Alt + O: Load Subtitle
    • Alt + X: Show or Hide Subtitle
    • Alt + Q: Load Subtitle Editor (Read our article on how to edit subtitles)
    • Alt + [F1, F2, F3]: Increase, Decrease or Reset Font Size
  • Others:

    • F1: Help
    • F2: Preferences
    • Alt + E: Playlist Editor
    • Alt + G: Control Box
    • Ctrl + Z: Close Playing File
    • Alt + F4: Close Media Player

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