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Question about the Flux EVP Analyzer.

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Would I still need to use Audacity if I get this Flux EVP analyzer, as I was told that I wouldn't need Audacity if I got this? I can't figure Audacity out with my SCD-1. Is this Flux EVP analyzer supposed to let spirits communicate with me without me having to go through reviews? Could I just use a microphone on this Flux app, and the spirits would just talk plainly back to me? Does anyone know any links to any Flux videos?

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If you use this application, there won't be any need to have Audacity, since the program has all the necessary modules to play and record the captured waves. You can get all necessary information from the official website of the application:

For videos, use the Google Search link:

asked Jul 17, 2015 by Casey Parnell
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SCD-1 with the Flux EVP Analyzer.
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Thanks. I just bought the Flux EVP analyzer and recorded an SCD-1 session supposedly with Kurt Cobain. I know the responses are there but how do you catch the responses. I don't understand how to edit to find the answers. I know it's like uncovering dirt off of a surface but how do you do it? Please help. I've also tried with audacity and Wavpad and I can't be able to find movie maker for windows 8.

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