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OVinfo Beta, names of shortcuts overruled.

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I have been using OVinfo Beta (OVapi PEGI3) on my 2011 Google Samsung Galaxy Nexus for approx. 2 years with satisfaction in the Netherlands. The app has an option to make shortcuts on the screen for favorite bus stops. The name of the stop was shown under the shcortcut icon enabling me to get the info within 2 seconds.

On my new Samsung S6 (Android ver. 5.0.2) these shortcuts can still be created, but as soon as I restart the phone, under all of my shortcuts the names are overwritten with the term "OVinfo". Also: the black bus stop icon is overwritten by the standard yellow OVinfo-icon. So I now have 7 identical icons entitled OVinfo one of which opens the main screen and 6 others open the favorite pages but I have to guess which icon is for which bus stop. A time loser instead of time winner.

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If you have issues with the application, then I recommend reinstalling the software using the Play Store app. I have checked for this issue, but nothing come as being close to the one problem you have. However, you can contact the developer and provide details about the error. This way you can report bugs and other errors.

Use the following email to report the problem to the developer:

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