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How do I open encrypted ASF video files (Windows 7)?

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Encrypted ASF files contain a DRM license key which is required for the playback/conversion operations. If the key is missing then you cannot playback the file with a standard audio/video player. Removing the DRM of the file is illegal because of the infringement laws in effect. Producers choose this way in order to protect their videos from being copied by 3rd party websites. If you plan to use the file only for your pleasure then you can use Automate unDRM which is helpful in this case and removes the encryption so you can play the file on your local computer. A 24 hour period is permitted then you will manually need to delete the file from your computer. Download the software, install it and start it from you desktop then use the browse button and add your encrypted file and start the DRM removal process. Choose the output directory and you’re done.

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