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Running SmartCarve 4.3 with a VBScript file.

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I just bought a laser and it came with SmartCarve. Can you tell me why SmartCarve 4.3 would not be able to be run by a simple VBScript file? Controlling the software via the keyboard is possible, but none of the accelerator keys can be controlled by a simple script file. I'm just trying to import a file over and over again without having to use a mouse or keyboard all the time. I notice that the version of 4.3 that I have is labeled BETA in the Help\About window. Any suggestions?

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You can't use a VBscript file with SmartCarve because it doesn't support one. I have searched the web for this combination/possibility but it's not possible. However, you can program the software with AutoIT. AutoIT is an application that allows you to create scripts to automate tasks on your desktop. You can control and perform any action you like.

Download AutoIT:

Note: You also have all the documentation available to finish this job.

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