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Game data regarding question.

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I once uninstalled Bluestacks. But I had saved its game data. And then when reinstalling it, I actually had to stop and close in just when it was about to end. Due to a power cut. So next time I opened my Windows 7 PC I found Bluestacks in my computer. I opened it and it took a hour or so to download game data but usually it should take 3 or so minute as of I know if we uninstall it while saving game data, the next time installation and game data and initializing doesn't take much of a time. But as it was taking so much time I did some copy paste work with the files in Program data > Bluestacks in my Windows 7. And now instead of taking its own game data in Program data it's downloading the game data which takes a lot of my Internet.

PC specs - PC : AMD Athlon X2 250 3.00 GHz OP : Windows 7 Ram : 2 GB system : 64 bit operating system

Details - I've installed it before and have uninstalled it many times before as well and I know it takes the old game data if I save them. But this time it isn't.

My problem:

I want to ask what to do, I already have the data in Program data > Bluestacks which is about 3.34 gb. And if it's downloading game data again will it download only the damaged or missing files or the whole game data? What to do? How do I make the software accept it's former game data?

My question:
Is the game data I'm talking about really stored in Program data > Bluestacks in my windows 7? What is the actually size of game data which is downloaded? I mean how much of my MB or GB will I lose if I download the game data? Can I make the software accept my old game data or at least download the damaged files or missing files instead of the whole file? If I let the soft download game data how much will it cost? The size I meant. What is its size?

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That Game Data actually means the SDcard and the filesystem. Those files are in FS format. Even if you reinstall Bluestacks and overwrite the old data, it could be possible of encountering the same errors. The old data might be corrupted due to the power outage. If you are on a limited Internet bandwidth, then I recommend cleaning everything regarding Bluestacks using CCLeaner then download Bluestacks and overwrite the old data. If Bluestacks starts slowly or gives you errors then the data is corrupted and needs a new download.

No, Bluestacks won't download the missing files, instead it will download the whole data once again. As for the filesystem, it should be recreated when the Bluestacks is installed.

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