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We have CDs that won't work to give us the pictures off the computer.

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We just got off the Disney Dream today (June 21-26)and waited for the 3 CDS of our family vacation. Since we are all from different states I thought it was a great way to share since we had so many family and character pictures taken. We were in rooms: 2048, 2050, 2052. The CDS are locked and cannot be opened unless we pay more? I paid $500 for these and was told this is great way to share pictures. The pictures also have watermarks on them so we cannot use them. It says that it is a preview CD. I was not told that it would cost any more than what we paid but now we do not have pictures to show people of the trip. What can I do to get the pictures from our vacations. They are not even JPEGS. The people we asked told us that this was the way we could share with each other. Is this a mistake or what do I do to get the real pictures? We have many very special pictures and want to use them.

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You have to contact the seller of those CDs because there is nothing you can do. Or this could be a mistake, and wrong CDs were ordered to you, but if you feel that you were scammed, then simply contact the police. Secondly, try contacting the seller and explain the situation. In amiable cases, they should refund you the money and the pictures. There is nothing else you can do except what I have mentioned above.

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