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How to find contacts in MS Outlook?

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After replacement of the hard drive I installed Outlook 2007. I created the account and I copied the old file of personal folders on the new hard drive in the folder where it and has to be. The mail, tasks, and etc, were received fine, but there is a problem with the address book. After its start there is a message that it is impossible to display regarding the folder of contacts that it was removed or moved, or no access rights to it. Although the contacts folder is in place and I can see the contacts. Additionally, when you try to add new contacts, address book forbids to do so, saying: "Can't add a new record. To add it use the module contacts". How to teach Outlook to see my old contacts?

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Outlook features a function that you can use and it's called Import. Go to File > Import and select the file you want to add. Next use Service > Account e-mail... > Add a new directory or address book > Address Book > Address book Outlook. Follow the directions closely and the contacts will be added to your Outlook application.

There is also a more in-depth guide for this operation:

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