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How can I get into SkyDrive from another computer?

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I am going overseas to the United Kingdom and I must use my nephew's computer. How can I log into SkyDrive?

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SkyDrive is a web service which has been created with the term of portability in mind. That means that wherever you go, you can access all the files through a web browser or by using the utility. Whether you are in front of your computer or another one, you can still access all your stored files. Just log in on the main SkyDrive website and an interface will open allowing you to perform actions on your files (download/upload/create/edit). You do not need additional plug-ins or add-ons for the interface to run smoothly as it has all the features incorporated into the code and this way makes your experience more pleasant.

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thanks andrew i will give it ago i really dont know what else i can say exept
thanks again david

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