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How do you know what's safe: to delete on start up?

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Does anyone know if there's a program that actually goes or tells you what is safe to delete on start up programs? I have a boot up time of 3 min 55 sec, and have 12 start up tasks, 46 scheduled tasks, 29 application services and 99 window services. If I disable something I think it's right my computer goes crazy, but if I disable something useless, the computer then appears to be more affected.

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There is no software developed to show you what applications or services can be deleted from that list. You will have to analyze them to see what they're doing and then disable or delete them. For services, things tend to complicate themselves that's why it isn't recommended to change their preferences.

For startup items, go to Start > Run > msconfig and switch to Startup tab. You can then see what applications you have set up to start when the computer starts. Disable all that you don't use or know they're not port of the operating system such as sound applications, keyboard and other input devices, etc.

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