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How to make multiple copies of CDs on Sony Sound Organizer?

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I can only see how to make single copies of CDs. Where do I go to make multiple copies? If I have to copy then where is the copy button? I did ask this question before I registered, sorry it has been repeated.

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You can't make multiple copies with this software. I have installed it but there is no option to create copies of the CDs using an option from within the interface of the program. Yes, the software allows you to burn CDs, but that's it. To create multiple copies, install another application called IMGBurn.

How to make copies:

enter image description here

Download IMGBurn:

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I was emailed to tell me this answered my question.  I DID NOT ASK THIS QUESTION.  I asked why the email button was missing.  In Screen shots before downloading Organizer, it showed an email button beside the
'Transcribe' button.  Being a newbie on this forum, I have asked this question twice, but so far as I can see it has not been printed????

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