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How to transfer programs to a new computer?

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I bought a a new computer, how to transfer installed programs to new computers? I do not want copy and paste one by one.

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Run the Todo PCTrans Pro and Choose the Targeted PC.
Download and install Todo PCTrans Pro on your old and new computers. Run the programs on the two computers, wait a moment, they will show the detected PCs. Then choose the right computer to transfer.

PS: a. You need to keep the two computer on same LAN.
b. When it don’t show others PC, please click "+" icon and input IP address to add targeted PC.

Choose the Software to Transfer.
After selecting movement direction, the interface will show the numbers, size of all data and software. Click “Edit ”Button, it will list all applications and select what you want to transfer, then click “Transfer”.

Transfer Applications to Another Computer.
Todo PCTrans Pro can start to transfer files when it is analyzing data, which can save users time. Now users don’t have to keep eyes on transferring all the time, you can do anything else. It will automatically transfer the files to the same state and transfer software to C: on another PC .

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The mentioned program will transfer the files without the registry items, custom files, custom directories and any other 3rd party content available in applications. Although the application might appear good, it isn't because of a simple fact: registry items. Many apps that you will transfer will have issues running on new computer because they lack all the registry items, classes, and any other vital files found in the Windows directory. That's why is best to backup the data you have on old computer (custom files ) and install the applications one by one. This way you will reconfigure them to work on your new computer as well.

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