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How to use the CERVUS software?

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I'm a new user for CERVUS and CONVERT programs. I would like to create an input file to work with STRUCTUR program.

The data file that I have is in CSV format. I have data for 147 individuals from 8 populations using 17 loci. I did follow these steps to convert this file to be work with CONVERT program but unfortunately, the file could not work with CONVERT program. I did follow these steps:

Open Cervus – Analysis – Allele Frequency Analysis
•   Select input file e.g, “KPKP”
•   ID in column        1 
•   First Allele in column  3
•   Number of loci  17
•    Select input file name e.g, “CervusOutput”
•   OK
    Tools – Convert Genotype File – Convert to Genopop
•   Select input file e.g, “KPKP”
•   Population in column    2
•   ID in column        1
•   Source allele frequency file e.g, “CervusOutput.alf”
•   Output file save as e.g, “GenoPopformat”
•   Select 3-digit Format
•   OK

After that I got a dialog box that tells me "Converted 679 individuals in one population at 17 loci". So I think this message is wrong because the number of individuals and population are not correct. I really appreciate any help you can provide.

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There is a web page that provides information about Cervus, but no tutorials are available when it comes to its usage. You will have to get in touch with the developers or check the installation directory of the application. Most developers place PDF manuals in the installation directory. To obtain contact info, go to Help > About and use the available data to request help from the developer.

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