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PDF with hyperlinks to Word 2013.

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Does All File to All File Converter 3000 convert PDF files to Word 2013 .docx format and retain hyperlinks? We've been able to convert with bookmarks in place (links internal to the converted document), but are struggling with converting links that point to document/websites outside the converted document.

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Yes, the software supports exporting and converting PDF files to other formats while preserving the links, but there is no mention of DOCX support. Only HTML file format is said to be supported. It may work, because Word can open HTML files. Convert the PDF to HTML with all the items and then use Word to open the HTML file. You might lack formatting, but at least the links will be there.

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To clarify, and I hope this isn't being too picky, but if I export to HTML, and the link points to another document (like another pdf or docx file) on the local corporate server, will that link be preserved?

I'm referring to targets formatted with anything like:
1. file:///path\filename.ext
2. or something like .-..-..-filename.ext (note the dashes are really backslashes - the backslash doesn't show up in the post.)
3. or if it's in the same folder, something like filename.ext

Thank you for the responses. I appreciate you both taking the time.

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Seems the links pointing to a file (not bookmark or html page) always *****
no matter which if a dozen programs we've tried. The links to other files in any format (word, excel, PowerPoint, pdf) always disappear.

We managed instead to write some code inside an excel spreadsheet to iterate all documents, then programmatically create the dynamic hyperlinks.

Copy/paste follows now. A pain, but better than res electing everything.

so again, thanks for the help. We'll continue with the excel file from here.

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