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What is an activeCGM control?

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asked by about ActiveCGM Control for Internet Explorer

I returned to an Excel spreadsheet with VB macros written about a year ago to find that the macros don't work. When I went to debug one, execution was stopped at the very first line of code. Here's how it starts:

Sub RestoreUnEqualGapSizesExample()
HeaderRow = 14

The error encountered was "Compile error: Can't find project or library"

Offline help directed me to the References dialog box where, after I stopped debugging, I found:

"MISSING: ActiveCGM Control"

This may be related to a migration from Excel 2003 to Excel 2010 since last used. What's needed?

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The ActiveCGM Control allows you to view and navigate intelligent Computer Graphic Metafiles (CGMs) in a web browser. Additionally, the ActiveCGM is used in Excel. However, if you get the missing error, access Google Search and look on websites to download the acgm.dll file that's needed to run properly.

Google Search results:

The ActiveCGM Control for Internet Explorer is something else that's not related to Excel.

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