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How can I change the WiFi password?

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How can I change the WiFi password?

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To change the password, open a browser and type the following IP address: Once you are in the administration area, input user as user and password @l03e1t3. Go to General Settings > Click WLAN settings. Select the SSID and then you should have the possibility to change security options for your network.

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Find your router's IP address. This is the address that your router uses on your home network, and is used to access the router's configuration utility. The process for finding your router's IP address varies depending on your operating system.
Windows - Press Win+R and type cmd. Press ↵ Enter to open the Command Prompt. Type ipconfig and press ↵ Enter. Look for your active network connection and note the Default Gateway address. This is your router's IP address.
Mac - Click the Apple menu and select "System Preferences". Select the "Network" option and then select your active network connection. Look for the "Router" address.
If you have an Apple AirPort router, click here and then skip down to the next section.

Open a web browser on your computer. Most router's can be configured using a web-based interface. This can only be accessed by computers that are on the same network. It is best to use a computer that is connected directly to the router via Ethernet cable, or you will get kicked out of the configuration utility when you change the password.
Some routers have separate programs that allow you to adjust settings. If this is the case for you, open the program and skip down to the next section.

Enter the router's IP address into your browser's address box. You will be prompted to enter login information when you load the page.

Enter your router's login information. If you've changed the default login information, enter it to access the router's configuration page. If you haven't changed the login information, try some of the defaults listed below, or search for your router model at Note that this login information is different than your wireless password.
On Linksys routers, type "admin" for both the username and the password. This won't work for every Linksys model.
On Netgear routers, type "admin" for the username and "password" for the password. This won't work for every Netgear model.
On other routers, try leaving the username empty and entering "admin" for the password.
If you can't figure out how to log into your router, press and hold the Reset button on the router for thirty seconds. This will rest the router to factory settings, allowing you to log in with the default information. Doing this will turn off your wireless network.

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