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Can't load my Phoenix CD.

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I have just purchased a new PC running Windows 8. I have removed the Pheonix program from my old computer and have tried re-installing it on the new one without any success. I get so far, i.e. the dialogue box indicates the program is 'installing' but nothing happens. Can you help please?

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It's possible that your Pheonix CD is incompatible with the Windows 8 operating system. To attempt a possible installation, go to Computer or press Windows key + X and choose File Explorer. After this, locate the CD and right-click it. Choose Explore, locate the executable file (installation package) and right-click it as well. Select Troubleshoot Compatibility and let Windows assess the situation. Choose a prior version of Windows and initiate the installation. This is the only way to install the application in an unsupported environment.

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