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Auto Call Recorder doesn't play recordings anymore.

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I'm a freelance journalist who found the Appstar Automatic Call Recorder app (on my Samsung 4) to be an excellent service for transcribing phone interviews for 4 months. But in the past two weeks it suddenly won't play the most recent recordings (though the menu shows the correct length of the calls and megabyte file size). Is there any way to Recover these files or anyone to ask? Also, could this be the result of the phone being close to full in terms of space, or some phone update?

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Recovery on Android is problematic, especially when it comes to phones that are not rooted, and the content is stored on the Internal Storage, but I think this is a problem of functionality rather than corruption. Use the file manager and try moving the recordings to another place then re-install the software.

Secondly, the phone update might also cause problems, because if you upgraded from 4.4.4. to 5.0, the application requires update as well to function properly. Go to Play Store, tap the bars on the left then My Apps and check for updates. Most likely you will have to update the software to work again.

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