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How to install old Slide Write Plus (1999) on 64bit new PC?

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I have an old Slide Write Plus program that operates on a PC running on XP. The old PC was discarded. I tried to install the old Slide Write Plus program on a new Windows 7 program (64 bits PC) without success. I tried to contact the developer for help, but the company discontinued support, had no website any more and can't even be reached. How to install this old program on my new 64 bits PC?

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The program won't work on Windows 7 6bit because of the architecture development. Application is 16bit and the OS is 64bit, but there is a way. Windows XP might be able to run the software correctly, but you will have to install it through virtualization. Download and install VirtualBOX and follow the online guide to create a machine.

After Windows XP and Virtual Add-ons have been installed, drag and drop the application on Windows XP and install it. This is the only way to use it.

Note: Windows XP installation DISC or ISO is necessary to install the OS.

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