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Is there a version of Sewart for Macintosh?

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Is there a version of Sewart for Macintosh?

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No, the software is not compatible with Macintosh operating system. There is a quote on their official website explaining the procedure you can use to install the application on a Mac OS enabled computer.

Here is what they're saying:

"All our software products are native Windows applications. That means they will not run on Mac computers without emulation (virtualization) software and a copy of Windows® installed as well. While we do not endorse emulators, there are several well-known commercial ones such as Bootcamp® for Mac (which ships with newer Mac computers), Parallels® Desktop for Mac, and VMware® Fusion. A free emulator which is highly regarded is Oracle's Virtual Box which does not require rebooting between the Windows and Mac operating systems. Once the emulation software is installed on your Mac, you must load a copy of Windows into the emulator. Most emulators will work with any copy of Windows starting at Windows XP and later. If you don't already own a copy of Windows, then legal copies of XP can be obtained for around $30 (on E-bay® for example)."

For more information, access their website:

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