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WhatsApp doesn't work on Android 1.6 and 2.2 on Virtualbox.

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I got Virtualbox 4.3.12 and I have installed Android 2.2. I got the latest version of WhatsApp but it can't run. However I can surf the Internet. What's the matter?

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According to the official specs posted on the application page at Play Store, WhatsApp is developed to run on Android version starting 2.1 and up. If you can't install it on that environment, then it means it's not supported by the application. It doesn't matter if you are actually using an Android environment. The application takes into account the CPU, graphical processor, supported features, etc. The emulated environment must lack something that could cause this error.

Tip: Use Google and type older version of WhatsApp Android.

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Gentle Sean Hill,I saw that on my android of virtualbox,I can't make calls or send sms.Is there a way to make them available?
Furthermore I don't have a plan for data.

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