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File only converts the first few records.

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I have a paradox file that is not converting completely. I'm requesting it to convert a paradox DB file to an XLS file, I also tried converting to a TXT file and the same thing happens. I get the first eight records. It isn't the biggest file, but it is the most complex. Basically it is a history of each person's account, so there are multiple listings with the same account number. I am trying to convert a DB file to a XLS. Is there anything I am missing? The program has been running great until this file.

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The first thing you need to do is to re-install the application. I have installed the application and I see it's pretty easy to use. I have also checked the help file, but no troubleshooting information could be found. I recommend contacting the developer of the application. He should provide additional information. Secondly, start the software, press on Help then go to Filtering Records. Make sure you use the guidance before exporting.

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