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How do I find my password for my Open Range modem?

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I want to perform additional configurations for my modem. Is it possible ?

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OpenRange modems are managed by the company itself and not by its 3rd party users or contractors. If you encounter a problem with the modem itself then you should contact the technical support service in order to resolve any encountered problems.

Trying to access the modem's interface and breaking the password will simply violate the TOS issued by the company. Also, tampering with the configuration data of your modem will perturb the good functionality of your Internet communication.

If you want to access a preview mode of the configuration settings you should get its IP address because the modem is acting as a gateway.

Go to Start > Run > cmd and press enter and type ipconfig|findstr Gateway and copy the result and paste it into a browser address bar and hit Enter. You can try guest/guest as username/password.

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I saw that many people suggested to visit and maybe you can do it as well.

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