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Unhiding a story on Snapchat.

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I accidentally hided the TGIF Finale story. How can I unhide it?

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If you wish to add back the story, open the My Friends list and scroll down to TGIF Finale. Press the enter image description here icon and then select the Show option. For further details, check the official support page. Also, if you still need assistance, you can contact the developers.

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Since I wasn't able to follow the other answer here I figured out an alternative and thought I'd post it in case it would help anyone else.

What I did was go under Stories, tap theenter image description here symbol in the top right corner, and type in the name of the story I hid.* It then popped up and I was able to tap the enter image description heresymbol to show the story again.**

*The story I accidentally hid wasn't something I followed (it's automatically provided by Snapchat), so I couldn't go under My Friends to change anything.
**When I go into My Friends I don't have the enter image description heresymbol Pete mentioned. That symbol only shows for me if I go into the Stories section.

Hope that helped!

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