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How can I uninstall the program called Zbavanent-info from my web browser?

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I am on Google Chrome. But now the Zbavanentinfo pop-up is on my browser and I can't bypass it. How can I uninstall Zbavanentinfo and get my web browser who worked as usual?

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The first thing you should try is Uninstall a Program from Control Panel. Afterwards, if you observe the same behaviour in your browser, run a copy of AdwCleaner and scan all the installed browser. The add-on will be listed on the Google Chrome tab. Leave it checked to mark it for removal. Press Scan then Clean and then reboot the PC. When it comes back, run the app again just to be sure it's removed.

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Hi, can be regarded as a pop-up adware which aims to promote certain products and gain illegal income. First you should uninstall related software from Control Panel. Besides it's necessary to remove any unknown browser add-on or extension. Click Tools menu on the right top corner of Chrome browser, click Tools and select Extensions. Moreover, search any file leftovers of in the system, and clear them all. You can take detailed steps to completely clean out the trouble.

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