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Creating arc-shaped text with CD-Labelprint,

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I just don't succeed in getting arc-shaped text. The Help menu says: "Go to Alignment, then choose Justified". I can't find Justified anywhere. I've tried to find the right anchor and drag it towards the inside of the test-box. I use CD-Labelprint version 1.4.2 and the program came with the Canon iP4700 printer. Can you help?

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In order to create arc-shaped text, launch the program, press New, click the A button to add text, type the words you want, set the color using the Color tab, drag the text to the desired position and then then drag the little red square in text up to form arched text:

enter image description here

This is all what you need to do. I recommend you use Google search engine to find additional instructions, guides, and tips.

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